Q. Can I freeze Uncle Bob’s® Smoky Mountain Premium Sauce?

A. For highest quality, Uncle Bob’s® does not advise freezing our sauces.

Q. What is the shelf life of Uncle Bob’s® Sauces?

A. The shelf life of any product is measured from the date which is imprinted on the container of each product.

Q. Can I use expired Uncle Bob’s® products?

A. Though the vinegar base does increase the shelf life of these products, for the freshest quality, Uncle Bob’s® recommends consuming by the stamped date which reflects when the color, flavor and possibly other characteristics of the product may change. However, some prefer the aged quality of our sauces as they ferment over time.

Q. Why do some of the Uncle Bob’s® Sauces change color over time? Is the sauce still edible after discoloration?

A. Discoloration in food products is caused by—among other things—the presence of air and light and is enhanced by high temperature. While the discoloration might be only cosmetic and cause no effect on the wholesomeness of the product, the rule of thumb is “if in doubt, throw it out.”

Q. Do Uncle Bob’s® products need to be refrigerated?

A. All of our sauces are shelf stable food products that do not require refrigeration after opening.

Q. Are Uncle Bob’s® Sauces sold in a store near me?

A. Uncle Bob’s® is available in many Michigan locations and, recently, expanding to other states. Please see our STORE LOCATOR to check for options near you. Want to suggest a place? CONTACT us with details. Interested in carrying Uncle Bob’s® in your establishment? Please visit our WHOLESALE page.

Q. What size bottles can be purchased online?

A. Our web STORE offers 16 oz. bottles and is exclusive to our gallons (an $18 savings!)