Premium Hot Sauce 1 Gal. Bottle


Premium All Purpose Hot Sauce 1 Gal Bottle

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Uncle Bob’s Smoky Mountain Premium All Purpose Sauce is truly versatile and a mouthful to say the least! So we just call it “UB Sauce” around here. Our special blend of ingredients make it ideal for marinating, barbecuing, as an additive to your favorite recipes for a new kick of flavor, or even as a finishing sauce! Consumers of Uncle Bob’s have found ways to integrate our unique sauce into every meal and in between. Did we mention it’s also great in Bloody Mary’s? The distinct vinegar base offers an indubitable quality! And because of the vinegar UB sauce requires no refrigeration, EVER! So it’s ready to go when you are ready to eat, no matter where you are!
Uncle Bob likes to describe our hot variation this way: “It’s a quality hot, not a stupid hot!” Enjoy extraordinary flavor that tingles your tongue even after it’s gone. With so many uses and such awesome flavor, our hot gallon is the way to go!

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Weight 176 oz